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Learn why you should consider outsourcing to UTMC
Why outsource?

Employers have to pay unemployment insurance (UI) taxes to cover the costs of unemployment. Since the path to reducing these costs is knowledge intensive, it has been found less costly and more effective to outsource this responsibility to an unemployment cost reduction expert. Outsourcing can improve your compliance, lower your costs, and remove burdensome tasks from your plate.


We are dedicated solely to reducing our clients’ unemployment tax costs and frustrations. As a family-owned company, we believe that small and medium-sized employers have the most to gain by outsourcing unemployment compensation oversight. Through greater attention and better technology, we put compliance and cost savings within reach for these companies.

What's at stake?

A single claim can cost tens of thousands of dollars. When you factor in deadlines, costly penalties, missed connections, multiple claims, multiple states, and lost paperwork- things can get messy fast. Overcharges are common. Three out of four employers are paying more in unemployment costs than they should be—but you don’t have to be one of them.

Our technology

UTMC’s secure system integrates with UI SIDES (the Unemployment Insurance State Information Data Exchange System), ensuring the greatest accuracy, speed, and efficiency of unemployment insurance information. There is no better way to attain compliance in every state at once. This provides our clients with the best possible protection from unwarranted unemployment claims and charges.

Per-employee UI tax liability varies from as little as $141 to as much as $2,155 per employee – we can make sure you’re not paying too much.
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