MIIA Unemployment Services Program Liubovi Cislaru 09/29/2022

MIIA Unemployment Services ProgramTailored to Massachusetts municipalities’ unemployment insurance needs

UTMC in partnership with the Massachusetts Interlocal Insurance Association (MIIA) and First Nonprofit (FNP) is offering the MIIA Unemployment Service Program (MIIA USP) to MIIA workers compensation program participants.

The MIIA USP offers program participants unemployment risk management and training, unemployment claims management, and streamlined payment processing. 

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In 1982, MIIA was founded by the Massachusetts Municipal Association to provide insurance coverage and services to over 400 municipalities and government organizations in the state.

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With over 2000 client accounts, FNP is one of the leading providers of unemployment insurance funding alternatives nationwide.

MIIA Unemployment Services Program – serving Massachusetts municipalities' needs

This program provides participants with:
The detection of fraudulent claims and errors in benefit payments
Best-in-class unemployment claims management and administration services
Training for members
Unemployment questions, hearing representation, and appeals assistance
Relief from increasingly complex, high-volume unemployment benefit tasks
The identification of issues that trigger unemployment insurance, employment liability, workers compensation and health insurance claims
Improved unemployment handling leading to increased member unemployment savings
Option to purchase customized stop loss insurance coverage
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