Alternative Funding Program for Nonprofits Liubovi Cislaru 11/29/2022

Alternative Funding Program for Nonprofit EmployersAffiliation with First Nonprofit

UTMC is now able to offer its reimbursing clients the opportunity to eliminate the risk and financial obligation of state UI costs, provide a fixed annual/quarterly cost, and remove the uncertainty of future unemployment obligations. Alternatively, tax rated nonprofit clients can reduce their direct costs, while continuing to pay a fixed amount. All of this is now possible due to the new bonded service program in affiliation with First Nonprofit (FNP).

With these additional bonded protection options, you will be able to reduce your administrative workload while maintaining access to all the claim management services provided by UTMC. Considering the uncertainty in the funding of many states’ UI systems as well as in the general economy, providing our clients multiple choices for alternative funding for their reimbursable UI benefit charges is the right thing to do!

Why FNP?

Since 1994, First Nonprofit has offered alternative funding options to exclusively assist Not For Profit sector employers to manage their state unemployment costs. With more than 2,200 employers covering more than 600,000 employees in all 50 states, UTMC has partnered with FNP to become their Program Affiliate in the New England region.

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